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About me

Stacie's Story

It's not just about setting you up with a workout plan — it's about kick-starting a full-blown lifestyle revolution that brings about positive change in every aspect of your life.

Hey y'all! I’m Stacie Boss, and my story is one that I share with every woman who’s ever felt a step behind in her health and wellness. I was that homeschooling mom who juggled the joy of family life with the challenge of extra weight from three pregnancies and three c-sections.

That struggle in the mirror? It wasn’t just about size; it was about how I felt inside, about not recognizing the person staring back at me.

Fast forward through sheer will, hard workouts, and a newfound love for the energy and confidence that comes with taking care of your body. I turned a corner, not just in my health but in my purpose. Becoming a NASM-certified personal trainer was just the start. Studio B.O.S.S. was born from a desire to light that same spark in others. It’s here that I’ve found my calling, not just in shedding pounds but in lifting spirits, empowering women to not just live but thrive. If you’re looking to feel like yourself again, to find that zest for life, let’s connect. I’m here to guide you, to cheer you on, because I've walked that path and know the way. Let's take that step, together.

At the heart of what I believe, it's all about embracing a lifestyle that's joyfully sustainable, where healthy eating isn't a fad but a fulfilling choice, and fitness is as natural as your daily routine. It's about crafting habits that fit real life – not the other way around. No harsh diets, no restrictive eating plans, just wholesome, nourishing habits that lead to lasting, positive outcomes.

Functional fitness is my jam- it's the kind that gets you through each day with energy and ease. We're not here to chase fleeting fitness trends. Instead, we focus on making better choices that naturally integrate into your life, choices that support and enhance your everyday movements. Fitness shouldn't feel like a chore. It should be as habitual and intrinsic as breathing, a testament to finding and celebrating joy at every step of your journey. This is the lifestyle we cultivate at Studio B.O.S.S., where every step towards health is a leap towards the best version of you, and where you find joy in the journey.